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For years, CANDLENUTSBYNADIA have been an ideal way to help uplift dull mood, relaxing and bring out the personality of a person. 

How it started..

It began when our founder Dr Nadia Rashid decided to turn her personal interest in scented candles into a profitable home business. Who knows from just a hobby of being loved to be surrounded by beautiful scents could have brought her to explore the art of creating and producing affordable handmade scented candles, which were scarce during the day.

Our story

CANDLENUTSBYNADIA was founded back in 2016, and were the first in Malaysia to introduce Candle Meltz. Does not have any background in business is not an excuse for Dr Nadia to give up on this bumpy road. Balancing work-life as she held a role as a wife, veterinarian and mompreneur has been her biggest challenge throughout the years. 

During the time, it was definitely not a piece of cake to talk into her potential customers as scented candles was not the in thing. Nonetheless, her determination is paid off every time she succeeds in convincing her audience on her products. 

Believing in the potential of her business, in 2018 Dr Nadia Rashid decided to leave her career behind to pursue her dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur. Ever since, CANDLENUTSBYNADIA has seen to be growing and expanding day by day with her total focus now on managing the business.

On 2019, CANDLENUTSBYNADIA has scored a breakthrough when we were invited by AEON to have a column for Candle Meltz on AEON’s home decor category. Even during the pandemic, CANDLENUTSBYNADIA managed to gain the trust of the audience and was featured in NONA of TV3 program in September 2020. And today, along with the expansion, CANDLENUTSBYNADIA manages to employ eight in house workers, four online-based staff and (insert number) of stockist and agents respectively all around Malaysia and the number does not stop there as CANDLENUTSBYNADIA is planning to add more members on our team. 

Rest assured, with a great team led by Dr Nadia Rashid, CANDLENUTSBYNADIA has seen tremendous growth and will keep on going without any planning to stop.


To produce luxury yet affordable scented candles in Malaysia for Malaysian


Your homegrown brand that goes global

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