ORDER MADE AFTER 3PM (SUNDAY the 5th) will be posted out after 11th July. We are taking a break, will be back after 11th July.

Why? WHY?

Simple. Why did I start this business? 


Hahaha.. True. I aim to provide alternative choice to mass that create the same effect that Yankee candles does. Scented Candles in Malaysia is not a massive industry, yet there is a massive demand for it. 

when i started back in 2016, there is only 4 of us handmade candles maker on Instagram. FOUR!

So, i decided. This is it. This is for me. This is my calling.

at the time, Soy Wax was very popular, but  they are expensive. It conflicted with our vision and I decided to go for Palm Wax. We locally sourced our palm wax here in Malaysia. and duhh. we are one of the biggest exporter of palm wax anyway.

so thus, candlenutsbynadia was born.

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