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So.... I QUIT my job!

So 6 months ago, i quit my career as a veterinarian to be a working at home mom. Its the most DIFFICULT decision i have ever made in my life ever. PERIOD.

To leave something u are passionate about, what you actually good at and sacrifice nearly 7 years to be a veterinarian is not an easy task. Sure it might be easier to quit when your job sucks, but to leave when u are as equally passionate? Its hard. 

Why do i choose to quit anyway?

 Burnout. As fun as people might think, but being a vet is exhausting mentally and  physically.

I Hate 9-5 Job (10-7 in my case, 6 days a week). I hate when i have to ask permission to do what i needed to do. I hate when people control my time just because they "gave" money to me month to month basis. I hate when somebody else have control over me. 

My Family. Yes. As a woman, we juggle a lot of thing. And its weird when we are so proud to tell people that ohh im a mom, I work full time ,I have a business ,im a wife,im a daugther ,im a boss, im an angel..etc etc.. (thats a joke there) like we are sooo valued at how many things we can juggle at one time. Its bullshit. 
Its tiring too! Yes im that woman who juggle tonnes of thing for almost 3 years, and im not proud of it! at all! 

My entrepreneur spirit. I started doing business when i was 9 years old selling candy door to door. I sell nasi lemak & roti at university to finance my car. I have several failed( really failed) businesses under my belt . Since i was a kid i always tell myself that im gonna be rich one day. Doesn't matter what i do . i will be rich. Thats all i ever know. I want to be able to not look at price tag when i shop. 

Joking aside.. After thousand of youtube videos of gary vee, tony robbins and etc. I decided that, damn it.. This is it. This is the time. I didn't actually gave up my career to like point of no return 🤣, I give myself 1 year. 1 year to prove that I can do this! I can do this full time and make a home run with it. Thats an easier decision rather than burn my medical license 🤣.

So i took that chance. I start planning ahead. The goal to be working from home is already in the back of mind the day i start my JOB . 

TO BE CONTINUED ............

LESSON LEARNT : How I fail the first time around when i quit my job (2017).

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