LESSON LEARNT : YES.. I fail many times


Back in 2017, when candlenutsbynadia is not even a year old, i did quit my job once. But i dont really quit because i want to make candles fulltime..
 I quit because i hate working, and kebetulan i was pregnant and i just had my first miscarriage 3 months prior and my second pregnancy was very fragile, I suffer  severe bleeding and threaten miscarriages as my uterus is "weak & incompetent". I bled out during 2 hour back to back surgery and was rush to an emergency . 

I still remember my nurse at the time drove me to the nearest clinic. I was on 2 month bed rest. And well clearly i couldn't work. And that make me hate my job so much. So, after my 2 months leave, i decided to quit.

But! i didn't plan, i didn't save up. My business was so early and it couldnt even support itself. It was a bad decision to ever quit at all at the time. I was not ready. FINANCIALLY. 

Within months, we were so broke (my hubby work in gov sector, his salary could not afford us both). I had loads of stupid debt. I was financially stupid in  a way i was soo bad at managing money! and with a baby on the way?! I was depressed. I couldn't even make candles at all. In short... I failed. Miserably.

I was begging for a job, and no one would want to hire a pregnant doctor. But in my field of work, vet unemployment is unheard of, its just the matter of how much salary are you willing to accept 

But alhamdullilah, i did get an offer 2x of what my previous pay ,and yep... its in Johor. A state which I've never been at all! 

After longggg heart to heart with my husband. We decide that its best for me to take that job and he would quit his job, his gov job (in our hometown) and we both move faar away to Johor Land from Perak. Alone ,just the two of us with a baby on the way.. Yepppp. 🤧

We sold our cars. We sold our furniture to afford the move. And when arrive there with our 5 cats....  
We got NOTHING. NOTHING but an empty rented house and one tilam to sleep in. We have to ask pretty much a stranger to bring us places before we cud buy some sort of "transportation". (No uber at that area okey).

 Thenn....We bought this old motor buruk (we still keep it,very sentimental) and thats how my hubby send and pick me up to-from work. 
My boss was amazing, she is the single greatest person on earth ive ever met ever. Love her. She help me all the way. 

Send car and staff to pick me up and send me to a hospital when i was in labour cuz u know... we only got motor.....

My baby was a premature and in NICU for almost a month, with nobody help (no one in my family and his,not even our neighbour ), my husband single handedly took care of me during my pantang time  . 
He cooks ikan bilis all day everday . What confinement lady? we coudnt afford one! 🤣. Shout out to my hubby!

Thats is the most humbling time ever in my life ever. I literally hit rock bottom during that time. but, I swear, i wont be in that position ever again. EVER. 

Candlenutsbynadia at the time was closed for business (we did go MIA for about half a year). I use my salary to start back the business (it was RM1500). I  literally change the path of my business.


What did I do to make my business survived and go to the next level?

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