Behind The Scene & Meet the Team!

Behind The Scene & Meet the Team!

Come meet our ever-growing teams!!! Probably u guys already the girl in the middle is our founder Dr. Nadia. Ancient history mention that during the establishment of candlenutsbynadia, she use to be a one-woman show running everything from pouring to customer service... Crazy Woman huh!

 Not anymore, finally, she got some help starting June 2020 - Putri ( The girl wearing brown pants) was our first in-house staff. Then followed by Nana (white pants) and Our Admin, the one who answers your questions and all.. and we did add more people but some are shy to be in a photo.. (LOL)

photo_2020-12-24_12-12-09.jpgnana is packing, we still manually pack our candle meltz

ATEM.pngYatim The Cat who makes everybody happy...or so he thinks....   

nazira.pngNazira is packing the BIG BALANG!

Super grateful for the wonderful team and hope we can serve the customers as smooth as possible .. Nice to meet you guys!

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