Smell it and awake your inner spirit: Our ‘two-scents’ on how these aromas could make your day better!

Smell it and awake your inner spirit: Our ‘two-scents’ on how these aromas could make your day better!

Smell it and awake your inner spirit: Our ‘two-scents’ on how these aromas could make your day better!

To some, scents are not just a perfume to cover up the bad odors. Instead, many believe scents have its own natural and therapeutic way of making you feel better. Certain aroma could awake or diffuse certain mood and emotions in you. But what is certain is, if used in the right situations, these aromas could really make your day better.

Lavender to help you get a better sleep


It is definitely not a fun thing to have trouble sleeping. Many would be the causes including the stressful workload or inner conflict. For some that are looking for a chance to unwind, lavender is famous with its super power to help you calm and relax especially before sleep. Nothing beats the luxury of the feels of tranquility before bed and having a deep night sleep without sudden awake in the middle of the night. 

Lemon rich in Vitamin C and superpower to lift your mood

We have heard many stories on how lemon is rich of Vitamin C to help you stay young and healthy. However, little did you know that the smell of lemon is also good for lifting up your mood for more productive and energetic day. The aids of lemon scents in your surroundings could actually help you to be more energized, stay focus and improve your mood. So the next time you are feeling down and need a pick-me-up, just pick a lemon scented candle and you are good to go!

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Cinnamon aids sharpen your brain

Well, it is not a secret anymore on how spices could also act as a mood lifter! On the days when you are cramped with workloads and need something to boost your focus, always opt for cinnamon scent. Cinnamon has a noticeable ability to improve your concentration and boost your brain power. Don’t be surprised with all the -think-out-of-box ideas that would come from the cinnamon aid.

Rosemary to blow your grey cloud

Sometimes (especially on Mondays) the days are not on our side where our spirit seems to have left the body unnoticed leaving only cloudy days. In order to improve your mood, rosemary has its beautiful function to fight exhaustion, headache and mental fatigue that are often associates with a stressful situation. 

Spark joy with vanilla

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Though vanilla is famous to be a scent that represent soft and calm, surprisingly, it also has the ability to spark joy to those who smelled it. Don’t be alarmed with the super power of vanilla scents to trigger your serotonin, a type of hormone that is responsible to make you feel happy and satisfied. 

Apple scent could keep the doctor away

Well, though the proverb sounds a little different from the original, but the power of apple scent to keep you away from the doctor remains. Apple scents is known to be able to aid migraine by reducing its symptoms and shortens the time length. Many also might not know that this aroma would also help in mitigate anxiety episodes during depressing moments.

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